42 Comments on “TYCS Top 10”

  1. Gina Feiler

    Roman Samuels!! Hardworking gentleman, passionate about music, a strong faith and a genuine person. Where your shining star could be distant, this one is in the everyday crowd, helping weary people’s spirits find peace with a song and a strum. I’d be disappointed if you were to miss a chance to hear him , and even more so to miss hearing him live. Take the chance! You’ve everything to gain.

  2. Mary domino

    Roman Samuels all the way! He has an amazing voice. Please give Roman the opportunity to shine even brighter

  3. Martin

    Roman Samuels is the best songwriter and guitarist I’ve heard in years. He is an undiscovered talent that deserves to be in the big time. His songs have soul in the fullest meaning of that word.

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