2016 Runner Up :: Genavieve Linkowski

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Introducing Genavieve Linkowski, 2016 TYCS Runner Up.

We asked her what it would mean if she won the competition, here is her answer.

I grew up listening to strictly orchestral music and opera or falsetto singing – very conservative. Until I started exposing myself to different types of music and ultimately started singing it. I love singing gospel, some country, and some rhythm and blues. Those are the genres that I sing the best! It means so much to me to have my voice! I know very well that it is a God-given gift, and I want to use it for Him!

The testings in my private life have prepared me, and now I believe that I am ready for a public ministry. It would mean so much to win because it will help point me in the direction of doing what I was born to do, which is using my voice to glorify God and inspire others. This is also my first competition I’ve ever done vocally, so it would mean a lot to win. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

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  1. DH Larkin

    Gen is the real deal. I love her story. She has a genuine heart that is eager to learn and humbly submit to the Lord Jesus Christ and those he has placed in authority over her. As a very close friend of hers, I see great potential and determination to fulfill her life’s purpose in using her voice and platform to be an inspiration to all who cross her path. She is a treasure and has a heart of gold. My prayer is that she continues to stay grounded in the truth of her position as beloved daughter of King Jesus and discerns his plans and purposes along her private and public journey.

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