2016 Winner :: Roman Samuels

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I’ve always said that my guitar is my therapist. It allows me to ‘get out’ whatever it is that’s inside. Many of the audiences I’ve played for have told me the thing they love most about my music is how “real” my songs are. They feel as if I’m talking directly about them. And no matter how many times I hear it, I will always cherish being valued for my honesty.

Throughout my life music has constantly been my “side-project”. Fearing unemployment I decided to pursue the ‘traditional’ career route. I went to college. I majored in Economics. I got a job in Finance. I played it safe.

Yet throughout all those years of schooling and working, my passion for music never diminished. In fact, as more and more time passed my love for it only burned stronger within me. No matter how many responsibilities or distractions enter my life, I never give up on music.

Even though I have invested many years in other endeavors, my devotion to music has never swayed. To put it simply, I now know that it my reason for being here. And I will never allow myself to forget it again. I play music for music’s own sake. I play music because it is what I am the BEST at. I play music because I can’t imagine doing anything else with the rest of my life.

I currently have notebooks full of songs that are just waiting to be heard. So far, I have not had any outside help in making music. If given this opportunity, I would cherish every moment of making music with professionals. I would finally be able to hear my songs come to life. It’s something I’ve dreamed of since I first began writing. It would mean the world to finally receive outside validation that I have what it takes, and that my music is worthy of being heard.

Winning this would mean that I have the opportunity that I’ve always dreamed of. The chance to share my music and voice with others. This opportunity will help me to grow and reach my dream to encourage people and transmit my happiness through my songs and guitar performance.

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